Freedom's Song Wolf Rescue and Sanctuary

Why a wolf sanctuary?

Welcome to Freedom's Song Wolf Rescue!

When Freedom's Song was founded in 2005, there wasn't one sanctuary in the state of Oklahoma dedicated to only wolves and wolfdogs, and we remain the only one in Northeastern Oklahoma, and possibly the whole region.

Freedom's Song receives many calls asking for help to save a wolfdog from a shelter, or to rehome a wolfdog (sometimes more than one from the same home), or to trap one that's a stray running the countryside. It's rare that we to go a week without being asked for help.

Area organizations that specialize in other areas of animal welfare that receive requests for help with a wolfdog situation refer those calls to Freedom's Song. Local animal control officers and shelter directors contact us whenever a possible wolfdog has been taken in.

Why is the need so great? Indiscriminate breeding! Backyard breeders! Breeders misrepresenting northern breed mixes and selling them as wolfdogs, or worse yet, wolves! Irresponsible breeders don't do home checks, nor do they correctly educate their buyers as to what to expect with a wolfdog, nor do they care if the wolfdog goes to a place where they are illegal. All of these things cause the lives of these innocent, beautiful creatures to be put at risk. 

The need is great. We do the best we can with the resources we have. Until an actual sanctuary facility is realized, Freedom's Song will continue to help save one beautiful wolfdog at a time through fostering and rehoming.